Show Passion Even in the Meantime

I was listening to Russell Simmons on the radio the other day; he was advertising his new book called Super Rich: a Guide to Having It All.

Russell Simmons said people should be passionate about everything they do. So if you are a dishwasher, be the best dishwasher that you can be and be passionate about. In essence, whatever you are doing, be passionate about it.

For example, you may be working somewhere just to get your bills paid to take care of yourself and your family. However, your job could potentially lead you to a place where you need to be, your ultimate passion. Or, it can help you learn something in life about yourself, others, or the world.

This is often time called, being in a meantime situation. Being in a meantime situation is, moving and aspiring to a certain level.

The rule here is to be passionate in what you are doing NOW, that is currently leading you to your ultimate goal. People don’t start and stop at the top. Usually there are pitfalls, obstacles and hurdles that one may face as you continue to grow and develop on Earth. So, it is important to be patient, gratitude focused and humble.

  • Be patient with yourself and know your ultimate success is just around the corner.
  • Be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grown what you need to learn to quickly help you move to your best path.
  • Be humble to accept the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and others. Learn how to live a life in joy and love.

 Be Guided Your Purpose, Passionately

I worked with a woman who said she wasn’t following her life’s purpose, her passions, because she didn’t have the money. Unfortunately, a person who is not passion oriented can sometimes feel lifeless, or a big void in their lives. So, it is important to find and know what you are passionate about and activate it in your life, even at a small level. While doing this, focus on the present; how can you activate this passion for this day?

Think about it…What small things can you do today to activate your passion?  What can you do to activate your passion on a regular basis? Plan out activities you can work on at this present time. When you act with passion, you contribute a part in society.

My unique being prepares me for a life that is separate than anyone I know. As I walk on my path, I cherish the moment of faith and perils that I face. I move in a direction that exudes my beliefs in a state of willful obedience. In the words of God, the words of my state of being, I am love, I am you.


Dr. Jessica is owner of The Center for Discovery, based out of Atlanta, GA and offers books, certification for trainers, and consulting services to help women improve the quality of their lives and discover their best!

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