Are you looking for tools and strategies to help your clients/staff/students activate their best selves at work, in communities or in their personal lives?

Become a certified facilitator to help people activate their best selves at any age!   This certification program has been proven and used for the past 15 years to quickly help people:

  • uncover deep rooted unhealthy habits
  • increase self-awareness and effectiveness
  • lead in a diverse workforce/world

As a result, you will create better individuals, families and communities who will create a better world!

You qualify for this program if you are a:

  • Human Resources Leader
  • Community Leader
  • Coach/Trainer
  • Mental Health Expert
  • Teacher or School Administrator

Experts partner with us to begin group/coaching/support sessions.

We offer license agreements for our Activate Your Best Self programs.

Become a Licensed vendor of the Activate Your Best Self Program!

Licensing our leadership course content provides you with the support and convenience you need for your leadership development initiatives.

For one low cost, you meet with Dr. Jessica Blalock to get the training materials you need to deliver this empowering program to your clients.

What Does Becoming a Certified Facilitator Include?

Pre-requisite – Complete the online Activate Your Best Self Program

6 session meeting to go through the program and a 1 day workshop to review the curriculum toolsOnline course portal for participants Survey, workbook and
journal for each participant
Facilitator Guide Satisfaction Surveys25% Discount on all products
Licensing AgreementTwo hours of free coaching with
Dr. Jessica (use within a year)
Certificate of Completion


participants will be able to…

  • transition way of thinking
  • practice creative visualizations and stress management techniques
  • manage triggers
  • create specific plan of action
  • improve communication skills and emotional intelligence
  • increase focus on caring for the physical body
  • clarify passions
  • improve physical and mental health
  • improve quality of life

Distinguishable Features

  • a customizable toolkit that will guide and empower others through life’s everyday challenges
  • participants can watch videos, or the facilitator can review the information for participants
  • certified facilitators can earn extra cash by administering the curriculum
  • certified facilitators will be the first providers in the nation to receive authorization to use the Activate Your Best Self Curriculum


Our tools will be used to help groups or individuals get inspired, refocused, and more productive at work or at home. They include personal leadership and self-improvement techniques for adults. They can be used:

  • For professional development and personal leadership activities in non-profit, for profit and community organizations
  • as a 16-to-20-week personal leadership training in high schools, colleges, and universities
  • as a model to be used throughout the year in elementary and middle schools
  • to help build professional development plans
  • in life coaching or therapy-based sessions

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What are people saying?

Thank you so much Dr. Jessica for an amazing experience. By the end of our session, I not only was able to “name” one of my ill-desired behaviors, but I moved through it, accomplishing an amazing fate of moving into my new, vibrant home–a vision I’ve held for over 5 years! I’m sure this would not have happened as quickly as it did had I not received support, encouragement and guidance from you and the group. And for that, I AM most grateful. Best wishes and I look forward to attending your facilitator’s training soon!  D.Olivia, Certified Trainer

I am a certified trainer. I love the Toolkit. It was very adaptable for the populations I work with. It was what I was looking for! I keep it as a resource and refer it to others. The information was valuable. Dr. Ruby Tatum-Wallace, Psychologist, Certified Trainer

The dynamic experience of the assessments she provided to allow quantified analysis of the subject matter we focused on. I especially liked the tailored approach Dr. Jessica employed to allow us to focus on the areas of “Discovery” that were most important to my current and future life plan endeavors. I would highly recommend Dr. Jessica and the Center for Discovery program to individuals and corporations alike. Thank you so much for this priceless experience. Dr. Ed Womack, Certified Trainer

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