About Dr. Jessica

I help people find their authentic selves so that they can leverage what they can be. My philosophy is that engaging in deeply rooted unhealthy habits and lacking self-awareness leads to disengagement and stress. My aim is to help people activate their best selves.

Here at activateyourbest.com, we offer workbooks, journals, courses and a certification course to help people…

  • Activate their true purpose
  • Take control of their emotional triggers
  • Take control of what they say
  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Create the life they want

Dr. Jessica’s Corporate Experience

I love helping people in organizations activate their true potential while meeting organizational goals. Learn more about my corporate experience on LinkedIn.

Learn more about our services

We offer coaching, training, journals and workbooks to help people of all ages increase wellbeing, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Specifically, we help people:

  • practice mindfulness techniques and creative visualizations
  • create a positive way of thinking
  • enhance communication skills
  • increases emotional intelligence
  • become passion focused
  • become aware and focused on caring for the physical body
  • improves one’s quality of life

When to Use

  • Improving team members effectiveness
  • Activating wellbeing for team members in organizations
  • Developing students of all ages
  • Improving mental health in therapy-based sessions, group coaching, training, support/networking or therapy-based sessions
  • As a guide to help your clients increase self-awareness and feel better
  • Along with your specific curriculum while guiding people in transition
  • Helping build professional/personal development plans
  • As a resource in lunch and learns meetings

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