The AT MY Best Journals are a part of the Discover program for elementary and middle school aged children. These journals help students learn more about themselves. This program helps K-8 grade students discover, examine, and develop themselves through self-reflection and analysis. This program is designed to be administered by teachers and/or parents.

Teachers Guide

Do you want to teach your students principles of wellbeing? Do you want them to quickly increase their self-awareness?

The purpose of this guide is to help teachers, parents, counselors, etc. guide primary aged students in self-awareness and wellbeing. This guide includes activities and resources to help students complete

  • At My Best Journal for Elementary School Students
  • At My Best Journal for Middle School Students

There are five quick and simple steps to self-discovery that gives youth the opportunity to write things about themselves regarding:

• relaxation of the mind

• emotional regulation

• interactions with others

• caring for the body

•mental aspirations

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