Caring for Yourself, First

The one thing many moms do, including me, is to take care of your family or kids, and neglect your specific needs. It is important to take time out to nurture and care for you, first.

Caring and nurturing for yourself provides stability and comfort in your mind, body and soul. It helps you focus on yourself, your true values and passions in life. Caring for yourself helps you become aware of things that may stifle and hold you back and gives you the time to focus, in your life, on the most critical issues, such as expressing and feeling love for yourself and your family.

Here are some ways to take time out and care for you.

Daily, Take time to carefully plan time to focus on yourself, your specific needs. This can be gained by meditation, going on relaxing walk, or just taking some alone time. Focus on relaxing your physical body and gain insight for what you need to do, be or say for this day. This doesn’t have to be a long process; you can take 5 minutes a day to do this.

Take time to breathe, especially during stress. Breathe in what’s wanted or good and breathe out what’s no longer needed. In times of stress relax and just breathe. This only takes seconds. This helps you to take a moment back, and quickly reflect on the situation.

Don’t keep reoccurring thoughts of hurts in your mind. Always come from a place of love. So, when caring for your family, always maintain thoughts of love about yourself and your family and uplift them through your words and thoughts. When thoughts of anger or sadness come into play, replace those thoughts with thoughts of goodness; thoughts that are true and pure to your hearts, that may not be activated at that time.  Don’t allow negativity to take control or feeling of failure come into play. Know that every person here on Earth has a different purpose. That purpose is different from your purpose, and you may not be clear about it.

Recognize that each person may have challenges, make mistakes, including you, along the way. Continue to keep faith and thoughts of love and success as you go through this journey, knowing that a mis-step is only an opportunity to learn and grow as you journey through life.

Take time to do one (or more) special things for yourself each week. Do something special for yourself such as a manicure, lunch, movie, or a walk in the park. At this point get comfortable in your physical body, relax and be of gratitude for your many blessings.

So, take time out for yourself each day and see the long term benefits overtime.

Dr. Jessica is owner of The Center for Discovery, based out of Atlanta, GA and offers books, certification for trainers, and consulting services to help women improve the quality of their lives and discover their best!

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