Celebrate the Small Stuff As You Transition

Transitioning to a new state of being is often times gradual. I was talking to a client who was not at a point where she wanted to be in her life. She had overcome a lot of obstacles and barriers; however, she just felt she still had some learning and growing to do. It was like she grew a little, then re-opened or rehashed some wounds from her past which led to a perception that she was going backward and not forward.

There may be setbacks when uncovering past wounds and hurts or trying to let go of unwanted or unnecessary beliefs. See your experiences like a normal curve. As you grow and develop there may be setbacks. However, think about it, did you go as far down as you had been before? Where there some gradual improvement?

Let’s say you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. In the past, you smoked one pack a cigarettes in two days. Now, you smoke one pack within a month. As a result, you are hammering yourself because your ultimate goal was to stop smoking completely and you have not accomplished this goal.

Love and care for yourself by being patience with yourself (one of our spiritual principles) and focus on your progress not your setbacks. If you focus on your progress, it will make it a lot easier for you to continue on the road to your desired goal. When focusing only on the outcome, it makes it harder for you to achieve your goal because your focus is more on limitations and not progress. Thus, be gentle and kind with yourself as you transition into a better you.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Stuff As You Transition

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  2. Margie Fuller

    I have learned that focusing on the positive things in my life helps to power me through the things I am trying to accomplish. When I would focus on the negative things, it would slow me down and make me feel as if I had failed when in reality, I was experience a great deal of success. Now, I am documenting all of the good things, and when I feel that sense of negativity coming around, I look over my list and remember what I have accomplished already.

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