Lead from the Heart with Courage and Creativity

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Leading from the Heart is about identifying and activating your life’s passion by creatively finding your place to contribute in society. Historically, in turbulent times, leaders have arisen by creatively and courageously leading from the heart.

People in America and many other countries, are in a new state of existing. Many people are displaced from their jobs, companies are closing and there is more limitations than we have had in the past.

Also, new businesses are growing like hotcakes as people are beginning to see new opportunities for themselves and their families. In this state of economy, it is important to know and clearly define, what is a leader and how does a leader operate, especially in trying times.

Historically, when there is or has been a change in the economy, that means, something that was currently going on, was not right; something went wrong. As a result, the system is looking for new, creative ways about making something work better. Sometimes, when the old way is not working, we avert to new ways of doing things, thus new businesses are formed to take part in this creativity movement.

As we look at some of our greatest leaders in America such as Barack Obama, Marc Zimmerman, Martin Luther King, they had courage to endure adversities.  Within these trying times, Leaders have to operate with courage, because we don’t necessary know what’s lurking around the corner. Having courage gives leaders the tenacity to fight for what they know is right in their hearts, minds and spirits.

Marc Zimmerman, founder of Facebook, had a creative idea, a vision, to offer a service to help people, from all over the world, easily link up.  Marc suggested that for him and his colleagues, the most important thing is that we create an open information flow for people. His passion is about making the world open. Marc is leading from the heart by focusing is his creative vision and he had the courage to implement a unique offering, that had not been offered to the world.

Courage gives leaders the insight to strive, while ignoring or managing barriers that maybe present. Courage is knowing how to activate one’s vision, and not letting anyone or anything hamper this vision or foresight. Leading with courage is perpetuating an ability to drive forward in the best direction possible with no limits and sidebars.

As Leaders operate with courage, it is important to be passionate about what you are doing. If there is no passion, when things get a little bad, you can quickly move on to something else and not focusing on your initial goals.

So, a person’s creative ideas, and visions can be manifested in something that would be good for the long-term.

Leaders in nonprofit organizations, courageously lead from the heart by implementing programs, strategies that help build a better world. So remain focused and dedicated to the task at hand of creating a better world for all of us with passion, courage and creativity.

Dr. Jessica is owner of The Center for Discovery, http://www.thecenterfordiscovery.net based out of Atlanta, GA and offers books, certification for trainers, and consulting services to help women improve the quality of their lives and discover their best!

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