Who Am I? A Self-Discovery Challenge

People are living in a state of transition.  Things are changing and they are changing rapidly.  Within the past few years, people have been challenged by changes in how we work and communicate with each other, personal and political values, family and cultural dynamics and more. How can we react wisely to change?

Research has shown that people who can interpret their actions, feelings and thoughts are better communicators and they make better decisions.

When coping with change and interacting with others, it is important to know and act on our highest power and our highest potential. This can simply be done through introspection and self-discovery: Discovering and re-discovering your best state by raising our personal power in a rapidly changing world. Self Discovery is having a clear understanding of yourself and your individual journey. Here are some questions to ask yourself in your quest to gain a clear understanding of your SELF.

  • Do you see yourself and feel love for yourself and others or is your heart filled with scorn and resentment?
  • Do you see yourself as a beautiful human being? Or are you restricted by past wounds and ailments?
  • Are your thoughts reflective of who you are and aim to be or directed by fear and resentment?
  • Do you feel that you communicate a sense of truth and responsibility to yourself and others or do you feel as if you are living your life as a lie, not communicating your true self to others?
  • Can you look at your physical body in adoration or do you feel disappointed by how you have let your weight go?
  • Are you living a life focused on your purpose and passion or are you focused on your fears?

By going through a process of self-discovery and awareness, you will feel empowered to live life to your highest potential by positioning yourself on a path to see, be, and surround yourself with the loving energies that exist in the universe.  It helps you become committed to enduring life with patience, while enjoying the good and the chronicles of life.

Going through the process of self-discovery is for people of all ages – as we continue to grow, learn and change. I challenge you to take time to identify and clarify your strengths, areas of growth and true passions, on a regular basis. Learn and relearn things about yourself as you continue to grow and develop.

Once you clarify who you are and your aims, take specific action to improve in an area, get better at something, or simply activate your true purpose.

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