How are your beliefs impacting your decisions?

What beliefs do you have about yourself? How are these beliefs impacting your success or the way you think and live your life?

Experiencing life and taking on all types of information, can lead to developing healthy as well as unhealthy assumptions and beliefs. 

Let’s review a summary of a model I created that shows how thinking leads to experiences.

The experiences you have in life lead to developing knowledge, skill, and values.  Once you have experiences, you form thoughts about it and form positive or negative feelings (like an attitude). As a result of intense feelings, you then form beliefs about the feelings.

Your beliefs can impact your interactions with others, how you care for your physical body, your level of focus and how you potentially engage in your passions. Once you form a belief, whether conscious or unconscious, you then create a visual image—an intention— of this belief —which leads to how you act or respond to certain situations.

Thus, your intentions create your experiences. So, get to the root of the problem by identifying your core beliefs. By clarifying your core beliefs, and change what’s not working, you can alter your intention – which can quickly change your experiences.

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In our next article, we will review steps to take to remove unwanted beliefs.

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