Break Limiting Beliefs

     There are many factors that impact our current way of looking at things, and how we view the world.  People may form unhealthy thoughts and beliefs about themselves as a result of perceptions of inadequacies triggered by personal tragedies, physical or emotional abuse, unattractive physical appearance, lack of education, etc.

     This information is categorized and people form beliefs about it.  Your beliefs impact the way you view things, create assumptions, and put yourself in situations.  Here are some examples of beliefs people create about themselves such as power, value, goodness and love.

Beliefs lead to forming intentionsIntention is a feeling of what you want to experience and leads to behavior.  If one of your core beliefs is a feeling of powerlessness, you can attract people and situations that perpetuate this belief through your sub-conscious mind.

     Due to forming unhealthy beliefs about something, a person may (through intention):

  • engage in unhealthy habits such as such as substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse (being a victim or being abusive to others)
  • engage in sexual promiscuity
  • constantly brag about themselves, and be extremely self-oriented when they communicate with others
  • develop unrealistic expectations
  • over-consume food or alcoholic beverages

When this occurs, individuals are essentially looking for love and trying to validate themselves through intentions.  When a person’s mind and heart is filled with fear, anger and sadness, they limit blessings and opportunities that may exist for them, simply through their thoughts.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to identify and re-create a belief.

1.What is a limiting belief that is keeping you stuck?

2. How does the belief make you feel? What thoughts do you have about yourself and others? When did you first become aware of this belief? What experiences shaped it?

3. What type of reality do you want to create and who can help you create it (if anyone)?

Remember, beliefs are like magnets – they attract what makes them stronger. So, make sure your beliefs are aligned to who your true, authentic self.

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