A part of knowing who you are is knowing your triggers. Triggers can cause us to recall a traumatic experience or event. In order to remain calm, its important to know and have a plan for managing triggers before they arise.

A part of knowing who you are is knowing your triggers. Triggers can be brought on by past experiences (e.g., a reminder of past anxieties or traumas), challenged beliefs or they may be brought on by something that is inconsistent with your values. Slowing down to reflect, instead of acting on emotional requires time and effort. And it gives you peace of mind.

To identify your triggers

Here are some keys to help you reflect on your triggers, before you are triggered.

  1. Determine what happened. Reflect. Determine what caused your trigger. 
  2. What did you sense? What did you feel, observe, or communicate?   What were your emotions? Where did you feel the emotion in your body? Notice what you said to yourself and others. Were there key phrases?
  3. What is your story? Why did this cause an emotional/physical reaction?
  4. What can be done differently? Create a strategy to help eliminate or limit the trigger. Determine what you can do differently? Is there a new direction to take?

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