Today, Accept Yourself Just As You Are

Accepting yourself is knowing and appreciating yourself just as you are regardless of your past or present.  When you know and accept yourself just as you are, you are clear of current and past joys, pains, likes and dislikes.  You can clearly see yourself as you are in the present.  You know…

  • what angers and excites you
  • your strengths and trigger points (areas of development)
  • your present feelings
  • your fears

To know and accept yourself as you are, maintain a realistic assessment of your true self.  This can be done by self-observation, feedback from peers, a coach or counselor.  Sometimes, it is easier to see others more accurately than you see yourself.  People you trust may help you create a clear vision of yourself.

Being aware of current and past pains can be difficult.  Think of your mind like a sponge, absorbing everything you put into it. It keeps what you have absorbed inside until you squeeze it out.  It can dry up or dry out, but the residual is still there.  Be very clear and open about what you like and what you don’t like, beliefs you have created about yourself and the world around you. Be clear about your personality traits, how you impact others and how you come off to others. These things are important to know when going through the process of self-discovery.

Many people do not have a clear view of themselves, which often times can lead to isolation and challenges in relationships.

So, today take some time to gain perspective about yourself and accept yourself as you are, without being critical on yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and love, even with your imperfections. However, at the same time, make an effort to change those things about yourself that you may not like.


Excerpt from Discovery: Raise Your Personal Power in a Changing World

By, Dr. Jessica Blalock © 2012

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