Spiritual Principle 1 (out of 6): Integrity

This is the first article, of a 6 article series that discusses spiritual principles.

Integrity is about living a life of truth and being honest to yourself and others. Living a life of truth, being truthful about your past and present. In today’s society, integrity is a pre-requirement for any and all types of relationships, at work, home, school, internet, etc.

In recent years, the US has experienced 911, presidential elections that have leaked out numerous cases of political indiscretions, new global communication technological advances (such as Twitter, Facebook, many video recordings) that have led massive information at the forefront, and more. You can now see much more current happenings in individual’s personal lives, accounts of integrity than you would have seen, possibly ten to twenty years ago. Things are changing, and they are changing fast.

As a result of the changing economy and cultural climates, people are beginning to more thoroughly examine how they view themselves and others around them; they are communicating more with peers and learning about other cultures and communities. As a result of recent political and business indiscretions, people are beginning to, in some ways, carefully observe others and make a better practice to show accountability and practice integrity. Moreover, people are discovering ways of integrating in an ever so changing world with integrity and accountability.

Having integrity is living in truth. It’s not just about being honest, but it’s about, living a life where you are truthful to yourself and others as well. Integrity is also about being committed to the truthfulness that resides in your spirit and act out that truthfulness in your present day living.  Honor and be committed to your present truth that lies within you.

Some behaviors that you can apply when using integrity are:

— Be honest and open with no hidden agenda
— Communicate information accurately and say what you believe
— Admit mistakes and share lessons learned
— Carry out personal commitments and follow through on agreements
— Acknowledge mistakes or limitations
— Practice being honest to yourself and those around you

Some behaviors that you should avoid are:

— Being dishonest to yourself and others

— Living a life of untruth

— Acting in a way that does not represent your authentic self

— Not admitting mistakes

Dr. Jessica is a Psychologist and Empowerment Coach with the Center for Discovery. She helps women experiencing a personal or career transition discover their highest potential, using proven principles and practices of mind, body, and spiritual development.
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