How the Tucson, Arizona tragedy teaches us about forgiveness (spiritual principle 3 out of 6)

Today, I was watching TV, and saw a family member of one of the victims of the Tucson, Arizona, shooting, go to the home of the Jared Loughner. He wanted to invoke a spirit of forgiveness to Jared for his actions. This was very powerful and noble.

It causes extreme pain and agony when a human being has caused tragedy or harm to another, especially, if there is someone close to you that you may never see again. I have a daughter and I really can’t imagine her being taken away as a result of senseless violence.

However, I have learned a lot from people, who been in this situation. I have learned that to truly evolve and get through such tragedies, forgiveness has to be activated.

Forgiveness is letting go of feelings of anger and frustration at someone (including you) and being at peace with past indiscretions. Holding grudges or having unforgiving feelings toward others impacts your emotional-well being and physical body.  Sometimes, you become this energy you so quickly judged; you take on the energy of the person you haven’t forgiven.

How to forgive others

There are many ways to forgive others (and yourself). Sometimes this can be a long process as a result of layers and layers of pains and hurt.

Recognize that each person has their own individual path; you do not share this path with others. People may do, say or act in a way that represents their specific path.  Know that this is only a path, a process to get one to a different level. Someone else’s path often times affect others. It may be a pleasant, harmful, or undesired affect.  As a result, you may form an unforgiving spirit regarding something that may have occurred in the past.

It is important to recognize your feelings, express them in their natural state then go through the process of forgiveness. Energy attracts thoughts. Thoughts of un-forgiveness can lead to disturbances in the mind, body and spirit. Recognize that forgiveness is key when creating an inner space of love.

Maintaining feelings of un-forgiveness can create dis-ease and possibly attract unwanted situations and circumstances.

WE can ask ourselves, what lessons have we learned? How can we help ourselves, and guide humanity to create a better world for ourselves and our families? How can we create close bonds with ourselves, our families and our communities, to ensure a better tomorrow?

Forgiving others and ourselves, show a belief in a God and a true evolutionary process that delivers us from all harm and evil. That supports our urges and needs in all crisis and moves us away from a state of question to a state of knowingness; knowing in our hearts all minds, that we are all surrounded by the voice and love of God that preceded anything else.

So in the awake of the tragedy, we are not only forgiving the perpetrator, but we are forgiving ourselves for any pass harm or indiscretions. We are learning to form communities where we support each other in our every need.  We are learning to love our neighbors as we do ourselves. We are learning that throughout life, there may be obstacles and crisis, as we as we learn to grow and be, we can conquer all pain, we can remove all evil and we can be the best that we set out to be.

Forgiveness as a nation is imperative to healing and moving on with this tragedy. That is, letting go of the past, and not having any regrets on what has happened; just know that with love, we can further bind any sanctions that exists within us and between us. We can be like a pot of gold, shining and beaming with the light of God and protecting our minds and hearts.

Take time today and reflect on how you can let go of the past with love and gratitude!

Dr. Jessica is a Psychologist and Empowerment Coach with the Center for Discovery. She helps women experiencing a personal or career transition discover their highest potential, using proven principles and practices of mind, body, and spiritual development.
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