Peeling Away the Shame

Have you ever felt you weren’t good enough or that someone close to you complete betrayed you? Or, that your mistakes have brought dishonor to yourself or your family? These are all examples of feelings of shame.

As a result of one’s perceived losses, toxic experiences or perhaps one’s past mistakes, an individual can cover up her true self, by feeling guilty or embarrassed about something that happened in the past.  As a result, a person can walk with feelings of shame in their personal life. I think most people, especially women, have had personal experiences that have lead to feelings of shame.

By covering up one’s true selves, we limit acting and responding according to our true values, or our authentic selves. Covering up one’s authentic self covers up who we are and what we came here to become.

Peeling away the shame is letting go of the past and moving into one’s best selves. Peeling away the shame allows one to remove anything from your life that hampers you from your best self. Loving the core of who you are and what you stand for helps you to exist in a state of power for yourself and all that revolve around you.

Peeling away the shame is showing and being self aware of your past, and knowing that’s where it is… in the past. Take and learn from the past and move to a place of love and acceptance of yourself, just as you are, with no hope of changing anything from the past.

So, that is being aware of the past and how that has impacted your thoughts, behaviors and actions. Accepting who you are and what you are here to learn and determine what gifts you have to share with others.

One way to peel away the shame is to clear away clutter from your mind. Think of your mind like a sponge, absorbing everything you put into it; and it keeps what you have absorbed inside until you squeeze it out. It can dry up or dry out, but the residual is still there. This is like your sub conscious; it’s your inner child keeping track of every experience you have, good and bad. It literally holds on to everything that you give value to.

Reflect on one traumatic experience at a time. For example, in middle school, kids at school may have teased you because of the way you looked or talked; they may have said hurtful things to you that may have made you feel embarrassed. Now as an adult, you may think of yourself as unattractive because you developed a belief of not being good enough or not being attractive.

Examine how this situation made you feel. At this time, were you scared, frightened or maybe angry? Were you fearful? Send loving energies and thoughts to that child (or adult); let them know all is well. Comfort your inner child until you feel that pain dissipate from your inner child. You can say or sing affirmations such as I am beautiful, over and over, until your subconscious mind accepts it as a fact. Look at yourself in the mirror and say the affirmations as well. Anytime an opposing thought comes up, immediately replace it with your desired belief.

Once your subconscious mind accepts your thoughts of beauty as a fact, you have cleared away feelings from the past.

Take time to clear away the shame you carry and move to a state of peace and love.

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