Love is in the Air Today!

Today is a very special day…It is Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a day of sharing love. On this day, people celebrate the gift of love by sharing gifts such as chocolate, flowers and other beautiful treats.

This day is about expressing love to those you care about. So yes, love is in the air. We should make sure we express love to ourselves and those we care about daily, not only on Valentine’s Day. Lets’ review some ways we can do this.

Express love through your heart, not your head. Here is an example:

You can love through your head when you quickly get upset with a spouse or someone close that did something you thought they should not have done based on your past experiences. This is loving from your head, your brain. When you love from your heart, you love someone unconditionally, no matter what they did.

Loving from ones head is something that most people, including myself are accustomed to doing. As the Earth shifts, I think we are being directed to love more from our hearts and not our heads. So, we should be less judgmental of another person’s ways; just love unconditionally, without judgment. This is definitely a process to move into that may take time and practice.

We should express love daily by being gratitude focused. Express gratitude for what you have; see all of the goodness and love that surrounds you. Don’t focus so much on what you don’t have but focus on what you have and what you aspire to be; even through your setbacks.

Love and take care of your physical body. Know that you are in a physical body temporary. Get comfortable in it. Love your physical body by being cautious of what you put in it, such as unhealthy foods. Know that in order to keep your body at its best physical condition, it has to get exercise on a regular basis. So, take time out to plan ways that work best for you to keep your body moving regularly and eat foods that energize your physical body.

Love is about expressing your oneness with others through giving, receiving and sharing. Giving your time, energy and space to someone else that exists. So today and every day, spread the gift of love to everyone you see, meet or think about on this day and make Valentine’s Day an everyday thing!

However, today, enjoy your chocolates, flowers and love!

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