Improve Relationships by Assessing Communication Styles

Do men and women use the same or different language when communicating? Are there differences in the style of how men and women communicate?

Generally speaking, there are specific ways that men and women communicate. Knowing your communication style and the communication style of people you communicate with, helps you better understand yourself and others. In addition, it helps you clearly communicate your thoughts and feelings about something.

There is a masculine and a feminine approach to communicating; however, a man or women can assume the role of a masculine or feminine approach – it doesn’t matter the gender. Nevertheless, women generally acquire a more feminine approach and men acquire a more masculine approach.

A masculine communication approach is more task oriented (less emotional); there is usually a focus on fixing something. A feminine approach is more of a caregiver and nurturer (less task oriented).

When communicating with others, make sure you respect others differences in how they may communicate with you. Just because you may be more task oriented and less likely to be touchy-feely, doesn’t mean that you have to judge or put down another person down. Respect other peoples style of communication and not try to intrude your own style onto someone else. Know that everyone is different with strengths and areas of development.

Often times, people think, because I am this way, others should be this way as well. This causes challenges in all types of relationships. If you have a more masculine approach, learn more about the feminine approach. If you have a more feminine approach to communication, learn more about the masculine approach. Try to see others perspectives from different lenses.

Let’s all look at ourselves and see how we can clearly embody or embrace who we are and who we aim to be with love. In most cases, that includes engendering both masculine and feminine acts of kindness in our dispositional traits.

So in essence, be true to your authentic self, effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings without judgment and have flexibility when dealing with others to effectively manage relationships.

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