Week 5. Feb 18: Activating Your Passions

You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing. Dale Carnegie


For the past four weeks, we have been providing personal growth tips and quotes about relaxing and caring for the physical body and taking control of your emotions and what you say. This week, we will discuss tips and quotes on how to activate your life’s passions. Your life passions may or may not be linked to your job or career.

Today’s tip is to make sure you have clarity about your personal and organizational values. Values motivate and empower us to keep pursuing our personal or work-related goals. What you value the most, is linked to your life’s purpose and life’s passions. According to Kouzes and Posner (Leadership Challenge),

People who have the greatest clarity about personal and organizational values have the highest degree of commitment to the organization… Personal values are the route to loyalty and commitment, not organizational values…Clarity about personal values is more important in your attitude about work than is clarity about organizational values alone. 

So, take time to examine your personal values. What are your 5 most important values? Are they activated in your life? If not, reflect on how you can activate your personal values?

*This is week four of a six week series to personal growth and leadership.



Discovery: Raise Your Personal Power in a Changing World, Jessica Blalock, 2012


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