Introduction to the best self video series to help you build powerful journaling habits.
View our video series that reviews keys to journal writing.
Part 1 – Clarify who you are

Part 2 – Clarify your goals

Part 3 – Plan your week

Part 4 – Daily journal writing

Part 5 – Reflect on your week

Part 6 – Reflect on lessons learned throughout the month

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How well are you staying on tasks and accomplishing your goals?

Journaling provides the structure you need to get through the process of planning goals and acting with ease!

Best Self, a 3-month journal, was created based on principles of neuroscience and positive psychology, to help make it simple for you to achieve your goals. In your Journal, you will record your journey each day by keeping track of your progress, opportunities, and areas of development for 3 months.

As a result, you will create healthy habits, learn a new skill, or simply remain on task.

Journaling is a wonderful way to help you track your effectiveness and reward yourself for short-term milestones and long-term successes. Each day reflect on what you are grateful for and determine the specific actions you will take to reach your goals to help you to accomplish your true desires!

Before you Begin

Before you begin journaling, you may want to take some time for self- reflection. By having clarity about your who you are, your interests, passions, strengths, and areas of growth, it will be easy for you to make clear goals that will lead you to success.

The workbook, Discover Yourself will help you clarify who you are and what you need to do to continue to grow and develop in your career and personal life.

It’s also important to have an accountability partner. Your accountability partner will help you on the road to success. Your accountability partner should be someone who will be able to

  • help you stay on track
  • share your happiness and success
  • provides guidance and support when needed
  • talk to on a regular basis

About the Journal

There are six parts to the journal. Let’s now review tips on how to successfully complete the journal on a regular basis, with ease.

What will you need? To effectively use this journal, you will need a bookmark to keep track of the current day and a pencil with an eraser (as things change, your goals and milestone dates may change; it is easy to make changes with a pencil).

When you start writing in your journal, hashtag #mybestself on your social media platform to share your progress. Now, Let’s get stated!

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