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REDISCOVER helps you reflect, plan and act.

Do you need to face the truth about who you are and how you feel? Are you looking for ways to calm down and relax? Increase your balance? Gain clarity on a new normal? Are you looking to clarify your true purpose? Do you want to set goals that activate your true self? Dr. Jessica has created a program to help you reflect and rediscover WHO YOU ARE.

This is a self paced discovery process. The program includes the following.

  • Discover Yourself Workbook
  • 90 Day journal

Rediscover Who YOU are by reflecting on past experiences, your purpose, strengths and areas of growth

Discover Yourself: A Personal Development Workbook will help you examine your emotions, thoughts, conversations and actions through self-reflection and analysis. Discover Yourself helps emerging leaders increase self-awareness and self-discovery. As a result, you will be more likely to achieve dreams, feel healthier mentally and physically, and remove blocks that prevent success.

Using your strengths, knowing your life’s purpose and nurturing yourself along the journey are all critical as you journey through life.

This process requires will, determination and persistence. By (re)discovering SELF, you have the opportunity to improve your behavior, thinking, and your interactions with others by first making changes in yourself.

Moreover, this workbook helps you begin the process of change: slowly, surely, permanently!

Determine Priority areas to focus on and create a plan of action

The workbook Discover Yourself, will provide the structure you need to get through the process of planning goals and taking action with ease!

Step 5 in the workbook helps you reflect and create a plan of action to move toward your best self. As you plan, you will create a maintenance plan (daily/weekly activities) and short term goals (to be accomplished within 90 days) to help you on your path of success.

Take Action and follow up using the 90 day journal

The final step is to take action. Record daily actions, gratitude, successes and areas of growth for 90 days.

This journal is a great way to help you track your effectiveness and reward yourself for short-term milestones and long-term successes. Start each day reflecting on your what you are grateful for and determine the specific actions you will take to reach your goals to help you to accomplish your true desires!

This 3-month journal was created based on principles of neuroscience, positive psychology and cognitive psychology to help you overcome barriers of success to make it simple to achieve your goals. In the Best Self Journal, you will record your journey on the road to success each day by keeping track of your successes, opportunities and areas of development.

When to Use

  • Individually – self reflection
  • Therapy – group or individual
  • Coaching
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Career Development Planning
  • Groups
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Church Gatherings
  • Community Development Initiatives
  • and more…


  • Increases mindfulness
  • Helps you free yourself from unnecessary patterns
  • Clarify true purpose
  • Care of your body
  • Helps you create a healthy work-life balance

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