Clarify Who You Are

Before you begin writing in your journal, it is important to reflect on what’s important to you.

Purpose and Values. What are your key values?  What is your personal mission statement–what excites you the most about life?  By clarifying this, you will gain clarity about your life’s purpose, and you will know what is tremendously important to you.

Morning, Mid-day, and Evening Activities. Determine specific activities/rituals you will complete daily. These activities will help you relax, center yourself and keep you on the right track. Make sure you estimate the time you will start and stop your activities (some examples of morning and evening activities are meditation, juicing, exercise, reading, and deep breathing exercises).

For mid-day activities, you can set your alarm at a certain time, in the middle of the day, and take a minute or two to get relaxed and acknowledge the present moment. This is also a great time to monitor your thoughts; are you focused on your true desires or something else? Take time to center yourself and enjoy the moment.

By engaging in these activities, daily, you will form habits that will help you create positive results.

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