Reevaluating relationships

Great leaders cultivate valuable connections and surround themselves with the right people. They surround themselves with

  • people who look out for them
  • people with influence
  • ​people they want to help out when a need arises
  • ​people they enjoy being around

I have learned through my coaching and consulting experience that social circles impact the success of leaders. Gone are the days when leadership was confined to a rigid hierarchy; today’s leaders must navigate diverse social circles to inspire, influence, and drive positive change.

In our model, we have four levels of social circles. The first layer is your inner circles – who do you trust and can open yourself up to freely? This circle is usually small and personal.

The fourth circle is the extended circle. Often times, personal connections at work are included in this circle (however, they can be other circles as well). This circle can include informal connections, mentorships, and collaborative partnerships.

Successful leaders recognize the power of these networks and leverage them to amplify their influence.

So, take time today to re-evaluate your relationships. Who do you need to add to your social circles? Who do you need to remove? What do you need to start, stop or continue to say to people in these circles?

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