Keys to increase ones sense of belongingness

Diversity training is not enough. Staff members need additional help and support to feel a sense of community and belonging in the company culture. Here are some suggestions to help your staff increase their sense of belonging within your organization.

The first key is to show appreciation. Let staff members know on a regular basis that you appreciate their stellar performance at work. You can show appreciation through the following activities:

  • send an email, thank you card or note
  • recognize them in team meetings
  • offer lunch/food
  • give away gift cards
  • verbally express thanks and explain why you appreciate them – be specific

The next key is to effectively promote respect and fairness. Implement fair processes and practices that give all employees an opportunity to succeed. Evaluate your bias and determine what bias can hinder your thoughts and views regarding their performance? Determine the judgements you may have about certain group and how this may be affecting your decision making skills? Conduct a self-assessment and re-evaluate your beliefs.

Practice to respect others for who they are; even if they are different from you. Identify 1 or 2 things you can learn from each person on your team.

In addition, provide clear goals, expectations and measures of success so staff will be clear about their goals and what is expected from you.

Finally, provide an environment where staff members feel comfortable giving and receiving positive and corrective feedback. This gives them space to not only receive feedback from their managers but they can clearly express themselves as well. This helps staff feel like they are a part of the team.

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