Step 2 (out of 5): Examining Your Personal Strengths and Areas of Development

We are now moving to step two of the five steps to self discovery. This step examines ones personal strengths and areas of development examining ones emotional, physical and social self. More information can be found in the Workbook Discover Yourself:  A Personal Development Workbook.  Take a look at yourself regarding the following:

  • ·        Your emotional wellness, how well do you manage your moods?

o       Do you hide your emotions or express them?

o       How do your emotions from the past impact your current reality?

  • ·        How well do you feel you are taking care of your physical body?

o       Are you taking the time to exercise your physical body on a regular basis?

o       Are you making healthy food choices?

o       And how well do you manage stress at home or at work?

  • ·        How you communicate with others?

o       Are you satisfied with you level of communicating with others?

o       Do you actively listen to others or are you quickly agitated and focus on other things while you communicate with others?

o       Can you quickly resolve conflicts

To take a Discover Your Best survey, to address these areas, click here.

You can also examine your strengths and areas of development in these core areas by completing a Strengths and Developmental Needs Chart. Click on this link to complete chart. In this assessment, you will write out all of your strengths and developmental areas based on your perceptions and your peers perceptions; ask a trusted friend or peer about their perceptions of you. Tell them to give you some honest feedback on your strengths and areas of development.

Once you determine your strengths and areas of development rank the importance of each.  See what is most important and determine the areas you want to focus on immediately. Focus on the first 3-5 top ranked strengths and areas of development.

This ends step two of examining your strengths and areas of development. The next step is to examine your personal mission and values. Thereafter, we will develop specific goals.

Take care!

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Dr. Jessica is a Psychologist and Empowerment Coach with the Center for Discovery. She helps women experiencing a personal or career transition discover their highest potential, using proven principles and practices of mind, body, and spiritual development.
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