Activate Journal

Are you having challenges accomplishing goals such as weight loss, learning a new skill? Are you struggling with staying on track at work or in your personal life? Activate Journal will provide the structure you need to get through the process of planning goals and taking action with ease! 

This book is generally used after completing the workbook, Discover Yourself.

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This 3-month journal was created based on principles of neuroscience, positive psychology and cognitive psychology to help you overcome barriers of success to make it simple to achieve your goals. In the Best Self Journal, you will record your journey on the road to success each day by keeping track of your successes, opportunities and areas of development.

As a result, you will form habit that will help you become more productive, effective and focused!

This journal is a great way to help you track your effectiveness and reward yourself for short-term milestones and long-term successes. Start each day reflecting on your what you are grateful for and determine the specific actions you will take to reach your goals to help you to accomplish your true desires!

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