Practicing Patience (Principle 6 of 6)

Most violence occurs as a result of impatience. Patience is a key virtue for all people. I think we were all put on this planet to learn patience to one degree or another. Patience is simply this, waiting or being delayed and being OK with this process. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned or as anticipated, no matter how hard you tried. Patience is understanding situations may alter and that you should continuously persevere with ease.

I bought a pepper plant one spring and I waited all summer for the plant to grow and blossom. The plant kept growing and budding but there were no peppers near the end of the summer. Throughout the summer I kept feeding and watering the plant, daily, still no luck. Then one day, I saw a red pepper on the plant; I was very excited. As I looked throughout the plant, there were many green peppers that had grown, seemingly overnight. Just when I thought they were not going to bloom, they did. The lesson in this story is patience and willingness or being ok if something does not turn out the way you wanted. Just do the best that you can, and be ok with the outcome. This is a parallel to my life. I don’t know what the future roads hold for me; but I will try my best to achieve the results that I want with patience and persistence.

You may have a vision to accomplish something and it can take months to years to accomplish. To successfully progress or endure through this, you must have patience. As I tell my clients, sometimes you are in a meantime situation. Be OK with it. Determine what you can learn about yourself and others from this situation. Determine how you can continue to grow and engage your passions at this time. Determine what you can enjoy at this moment (is it the trees, or is it the noise of children laughing or playing, is it the sound of an ocean, or is it just being).

Some people are impatient to trivial things such as, road rage on the highway or waiting in a long line at the grocery store or mall. Often times, these impatient tendencies are a result of something bigger and represent lessons that need to be learned.

How do you conger up patience?

I have always naturally been a patient person, however as more challenges arise, my patience, at times, descends. But the essential concept of patience is that we exist in a world of challenges, ups and downs, roadblocks and successes. In order for one to climb to a level of self awareness and endure all levels of pain, one must know that there may be delays, these delays can help you adjust things; they can teach you what you need to know to continue your path.

The harder you fall, the higher you will bounce. Doug Horton

Dr. Jessica is a Psychologist and Empowerment Coach with the Center for Discovery. She helps women experiencing a personal or career transition discover their highest potential, using proven principles and practices of mind, body, and spiritual development.
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