Week 3 Feb 4: Communicate!

Happy Monday! We are moving to week 3 of our 6-week tips and quotes for personal growth series. This week is about effectively communicating with others. So think, how well do you communicate with others? Do you show empathy or compassion for others? Are you an active listener? How well do you get your point across? Effectively getting your point across is an important leadership characteristic.


Week 3 Tip of the Day: Empathy, the ability to understand another persons view, is an important leadership skill when interacting with others. Take time today to think about another person’s perspective to begin to understand where they are coming from. Try to understand their thoughts, feelings, reactions, concerns, motives before making a decision or change.


Dr. Jessica Blalock is director of The Center for Discovery. She offers executive coaching, consulting, books, videos and workshops that helps develop the leader in you through personal growth techniques.
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