Happy Thanks Giving…

Today is Thanksgiving in America. It is a day filled with family, laughter, fun and lots of food. Unfortunately, it has not always been beneficial to all parties included though.

Historically, colonists celebrated Thanksgiving as an English harvest feast. During this feast, many Indians were invited to which they invited the local Wampanoag Indians. Unfortunately, this feast led to the betrayal some Native Americans.

Even though the origins of this day were filled with betrayal and unfortunate events for many,

I think Thanksgiving is a time to simply give thanks and express gratitude for all of good that is around you, in the world and all the good that is to come.

Being gratitude focused is about being appreciative and focusing on the good things in life and blessings of life.

Life is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. So, be grateful for and reflect on what you have learned from previous situations and focus on how the experience has helped you to grow. Remember, focusing your mind on lack, leads to lack and limitations; focusing your mind on opportunities and growth, leads to opportunities and growth.

 So for this day, show gratitude for the blessings and the pitfalls of your journey.

Being gratitude focused helps you create a mindset of abundance.  By embracing the feeling of love all around us helps us feel grateful. Often we focus more on what we need and desire, and take little time to focus on the good that exists in our world or even our accomplishments.

 Specifically, take time throughout the day to reflect on one or more things that you are grateful for such as family, friends, home, water, etc. This helps you focus on what you have and aspire to be. Gratitude can also be directed toward the universe. We can show gratitude for the opportunity to live on Earth and experience life as it is now. We can show gratitude for the process of humanity and all the elemental forces that contribute to it.

Being of gratitude extends your thinking and way of life by promoting love and a sense of well-being.

Enjoy your day of Thanksgiving!

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