Week 2: Jan. 28, 2013, Building Better Thoughts and Feelings!

Happy Monday! We are now going into week two on our 6-week personal growth series. Last week we had tips and quotes to help relax our inner mind, focus on the now and stay centered. This week, we will focus on behaviors, principles and practices to help you take control of your thoughts and practice emotional intelligence. This is a very exciting topic so tune in!

Today’s Tip: Take inventory of your strengths and areas of development. Sometimes, asking others thoughts, from people you trust, will help provide insight as well. Get clear about yourself and accept yourself, just as you are now. By taking a look inward, you can look at opportunities for development.


Quotes of the Day

  • Our feelings our most genuine path to knowledge. Audre Lorde


  • Transformation occurs when existing solutions, assumed truths and past decisions are exposed as unrealistic and self-defeating. Peter Shepherd


  • Emotional Intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership. Without it, a person can have an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but he still wont make a great leader. Daniel Goleman


 Dr. Jessica Blalock is director of The Center for Discovery. She offers executive coaching, consulting, books, videos and workshops that helps develop the leader in you through personal growth techniques.
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