A Guide for parents, teachers and counselors



Discover Yourself for Youth helps kids (elementary and middle school students) in the self-discovery process. This workbook helps kids discover, examine, and develop themselves through self-reflection and analysis.

Discover Yourself requires a teacher, parent or counselor to help kids complete this guide.

There are 5 quick and easy steps to self-discovery that gives kids the opportunity to write things about themselves regarding:

• relaxation of the mind

• how they manage their thoughts and emotions

• how they interact with others

• how they care for their physical body

• their aspirations in life


At the end of the book, with the help of an adult, the student will create 1 or 2 goals to improve in one or more areas. When kids go through the self-discovery process, they will feel healthier mentally and physically, and begin to remove blocks that prevent true happiness.

Click here to view the journal for students to complete without the help of an adult.

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