Our 5 Steps to Empower People

As a result of the changing economy, people are being forced to examine how they conduct themselves via their thoughts, behaviors and actions at work and at home.  People are questioning their current way of doing things, biases that could potentially be no longer valued or embraced in the near future.

As a result of our expanding communication realm, people are also beginning to communicate and learn more about others and their cultures, especially where there are violent uprising. People’s life’s experiences are changing and they are changing fast.

These factors and more spring into effect creative and new ways of looking at ourselves and the world. I have created a 5 step approach to self discovery. This approach helps people in turbulent times

  • Know yourself.  Past, present, aspirations
  • Know ones strengths areas of development
  • Know ones purpose in life
  • Learn how to set and attain want situations

I will briefly review our 5 steps to self discovery that guide people as they transition during turbulent times.

Step 1: Tune in and Turn On: Become in tune with your spiritual self. By becoming in tune with yourself spiritual self, you are guided by your intuition and reduce or eliminate (intellectual) thoughts and unnecessary mind chatter. This can be done by engaging in various activities that stills the mind such as yoga and meditation. Step 1 also focuses on the importance of living a life centered in love and becoming gratitude focused.

Step 2: Building a Better Future

Know how to maintain emotional wellness. Know how to manage your emotions (thoughts and feelings) in any situation, and not let your emotions control you. Know that intense emotions have been linked to disease in internal organs.

Know how to take care of your physical body. Your physical body houses your spirit and soul. Know how to care for your physical body through proper diet, exercise and stress management.

Know how to communicate with other. Social Interactions represent how you interact with others, family, friends, community, coworkers, strangers and how can these relationships be improved. Know how to effectively communicate with anyone through listening actively, communicating assertively and managing conflict.

 Step 3: Learn and practice your life’s purpose. A person is not truly happy unless they are somehow focused on their purpose. Step 3 focuses on identifying and activating your life’s purpose, passionately.

Step 4: Guaranteed Strategies for Personal Development. Step 4 highlights the principles, practices and behaviors from step 1-3 to help people attain wanted situations and maintain awareness about themselves.

Step 5: Create a Personal Development Plan. Step 5 provides guidance on how to create a Personal Development Plan and take action on your desired goals.

For more detail on how to incorporate these principles and practices in your daily life, read the articles that detail the 5 steps to self discovery.

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