My New Year’s Wish to You!

I feel optimistic about the future because humanity seems to be growing more mature; scientists are paying more attention to our inner values, to the study of mind and the emotions. There is a clear desire for peace and concern for the imagesenvironment.  Dalai Lama 

I agree with the Dalai Lama. As a result of new technologies, an integration of a global community and other things, I think there is a shift that we are experiencing: and its a good one!  (Although sometimes it may not seem that way, especially if you watch too much news.)
So for this new year,  I think we should continue to project an image of peace and love for ourselves and others around us. We should continue to see the best in ourselves and see the best in others, even though things may look dim at times.
My wish to you is for you to have a year filled with love gratitude and hope. I wish you everlasting happiness, peace, prosperity and joy in your life and may all your dreams come true! So, enjoy and affirm that this will be a great year for you, your family and the world!

    Happy New Year! 

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