Letting Go of the Past, Moving into the Future

Letting go is a time of self discovery, when you find out something about yourself and others as well. Letting go is also an opportunity to walk a different path in life and really appreciate what you have learned and gained throughout your journey as you move into the future.

One question some people may ask is, how to let go of the past, and gracefully move into the future? This process is definitely easier said than done. Letting go of past hurts, wounds, or even mistakes can often times be confounding, limiting, or even devastating. It could possibly bring up old baggage that you have had for a long time and old hurt.

Letting go of the past is first about letting go of whatever involvement you had in the situation. So, forgiving yourself first; even if you didn’t cause the indiscretion; nevertheless, you were involved. Determine what you learned from the situation, and how has this molded you as an individual. The second part of letting go is forgiving the other person(s) involved. At this time, you let go of whatever anger or disappointment that you may have conjured up for that person(s) or incident.

Visualize yourself letting go or forgiving the other person of the past indiscretions. Visualize your self being free from any anger or hurt and send loving feelings, vibrations to the other person. You also can eliminate or reduce any negative self-talk you may have about this person or situation and replacing it with affirmative thoughts and energy.

Talk to the other person(s) involved. Let them know what you are feeling or thinking, in an emotional intelligent way. Determine what went wrong. Were there differences in perceptions or personalities or maybe even a misunderstanding? Always remember, you can only change or control yourself, not others.  And of course, reevaluate your relationship(s). Is this someone, I want to maintain a close relationship with?

What are the consequences of holding in to past wounds, hurts or disappointments? This could causes emotional, social, and physical disturbances. Once you have recognized these feelings, determine what are your next steps? Determine what you need to do to successfully move on.

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Dr. Jessica is a Psychologist and Empowerment Coach with the Center for Discovery. She helps women experiencing a personal or career transition discover their highest potential, using proven principles and practices of mind, body, and spiritual development.
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