Harnessing focused thoughts is taking control of your thoughts.  Know it takes time and patience to harness what you want.  Change generally does not occur overnight.  So, during this process, be kind and gentle to yourself.  Focusing your thoughts on what you don’t want keeps you in a state of lack and limitations.
As you (re)discover more about yourself, here are some ways to help you harness focused thoughts.
Soothe mind talk.  Make sure your mind chatter reflects who you are, what you desire, and what you intend to be.  Take inventory of what you are thinking.  Remember that every word you say, speak or sing is an affirmation.  What are you affirming?
     You can help manage mind-talk by keeping your thoughts focused on what you want and what you want to represent, not on what you don’t want or what you don’t want to represent.  You can also manage mind talk by focusing on and practicing spiritual principles on a regular basis.
     When you experience thoughts or feelings about a fear or something that does not represent you, don’t get frustrated.  Accept yourself as you are at the present moment.  Create feelings of ease as that thought dissipates from your mind.  By feeling uneasy or resentful about that thought, you can self-sabotage and create an environment for that energy to keep repeating itself in your thoughts.
      Take time to put gratitude at the top of your mind, practice mindfulness and deep breathing.
Be authentic.  When I see people who are extremely nice, they often do not complain about anything or anyone.  They always seem to show a nice disposition, even when they are treated badly, and may not express their true feelings.  It is important to express your feelings of sadness, anger, or disappointment – do not disguise them.  If you do disguise your true feelings on a consistent basis, at some point all of these feelings come raging out at something or someone in an uncontrollable moment.  Let’s face it, life sucks sometimes, but how you manage and get through it is what really counts.
Know your imprint.  Think about and reflect on what imprint you are leaving on the world and people around you.  Determine what you are projecting to others.  How does your behavior or attitude impact them, especially your children? Remember, what you say, sing, or speak is an affirmation, repeated over and over.  You project your energy onto others; others project their energy onto you.
      Recognize how your energy vibrates on the outside.  You may say something, but really not mean it.  People, especially children, can pick up a different sense of awareness through your vibrations that you send off.  Energy is levels of vibrations that are unseen to the naked eye but potentially felt by others.
Manage your environment.  Information you take in and people you associate with have an impact on your emotional well-being.
     I had a client who watched news for maybe three hours a day.  She said that she needed to know what was going on in the world.  However, her main developmental area was that she needed to work on her thoughts and outlook on life.  She focused her attention on the bad that was occurring in the world.  Now, do you think that watching news for this length of time everyday helped or hindered her? I think it creates a more distrustful and paranoid state of existence because you are seeing the same bad news over and over again.
      One way to manage your thoughts is to limit information in your environment that will hinder you in your development.  Be selective of information that you take in and listen to on a regular basis such as information on television, the internet or the radio.
     Also, choose your associates wisely.  Surround yourself with people who support you in developing yourself to the fullest potential, to being the best that you can be.  Limit interactions with people and situations that may drain you.  Some people can hold you back and restrict you just by mere interactions and not genuinely mean it.  Create love for all living souls in your heart but recognize that everybody is not your friend. 
Know that every thought you have impacts your life’s experiences.  Your thoughts and feelings create the fabric of your life.  Your thoughts place you on a specific path that you will walk with throughout your life.  Moreover, I feel we all have the opportunity to change our path simply by changing our thoughts, at any point in time.
     Choose your best path, the path that creates and fuels love within your thoughts and actions.

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