Personal Leadership Development. Lead from the Inside Out.

Leading others begins with Knowing Yourself – Knowing your strengths, areas of growth, values, beliefs, motivations, and desires.

Our leadership group learning sessions are based on a self-discovery model from the book Discover Yourself. This model helps business leaders reimagine themselves through self-reflection. As a result, you can effectively connect to skills, principles and practices that enable you to lead under pressure, see yourself clearly and motivate others in a changing world.

Who qualifies?

  • Corporate or nonprofit corporate professionals or teams who:
    • want to be promoted but are lacking certain skills
    • want to manage their triggers
    • want to reduce anxiety and stress
    • need to improve communication, team building, leadership and influencing skills
    • are emerging leaders within an organization (corporate or non-profit) and they want to position themselves as a top talent
    • want to make a career change

What’s Included in our sessions?

4 Group sessions4 Coaching sessionsBest Self Journal
AYBS 360 Survey, AYBS Individual AssessmentSatisfaction surveysCertificate of completion

Listed below is a summary of our group learning sessions. Through real world examples and research, our sessions help equip leaders with the tools needed to be successful in a constantly changing world.

AYBS™ – Tune in and Turn on – Session 1

This session explores how you can incorporate mindfulness, gratitude and deep breathing practices to help you lead and live with excellence.

Length – 2 hours

AYBS™ – Take Control of Your Thoughts – Session 2

This session will help you identify strategies to focus your feelings and maintain a mindset of growth.

Length – 2 hours

AYBS™ – Take Control of What You Say – Session 3

This session will help you effectively communicate in an open and honest way. As a result, you will inspire positive changes and gain trust with a multitude of audiences. Communicating with Clarity helps leaders communicate clearly in an open and honest way.

Length – 2 hours

Mental Aspirations – Creating a Purpose Statement – Session 4

This session will help you clarify your purpose and create a plan to put your purpose to work.

Length – 2 hours

What are the outcomes?

As a result of completing the group learning sessions, participants will be able to…

  • discover what they naturally do best and learn how to use these talents to activate their natural potential
  • determine their strengths, areas of growth and barriers that may inhibit them from success
  • become more confident and influential in their abilities to be successful
  • learn how to connect better with people who are different
  • increase confidence and inner peace

Specific changes that may occur are…

  • Improved change management skills
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • job promotion/change or increased sales in business
  • career change
  • improved relationships and communication skills
  • increased executive presence
  • improved team building skills
  • increased awareness of strengths, developmental areas and hidden biases

Contact us for more information

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