Discover Yourself Personal Journey: Gain Clarity and Activate Your True Purpose

Do you know everything there is to know about who you are and why you do the things you do?  If you really think about it, you may not be able to really define the exact things that make you comfortable, or why something makes you uncomfortable or anxious.  With “Discover Yourself: A Personal Development Workbook” you can go on a personal journey that will help you gain clarity and activate your true purpose.  Examine your emotions, thoughts and actions through guided self-reflection and analysis so that you are able to achieve the things in life that call to you.  Remove blocks in your life that prevent success and feel healthier both mentally and physically.

Are you ready to discover your true and authentic self, and begin building the stepstones you need to change?  Permanently? Find the strength that you know is deep down inside of you and figure out how to use it to nurture yourself on life’s journey.  This process of self-discovery on your personal journey can be much easier with guidance, whether you are an individual, or a participant in a group coaching session, this book can help.  The Discover Yourself Personal Journey Workbook can also be used as a resource guide for coaches, counselors, and psychologists.  It can also be used in conjunction with Dr. Jessica’s Activate Journal so that you are able to record your successes and areas of growth.

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