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Here is an excerpt from my free ebook.

One must not measure a man only by his character, but his inner state of love. Love is an overwhelming influence that fluctuates from time to time in the knowing that all is good, all is love.

So what does love really mean? This can be perceived as a complex question, but really, it’s not.

Love is all around you and within you. It exists in flowers, trees, plants, animals, stars, moon, etc.  Love is a universal force that binds all people together to some common good and allows one to freely express who they are and what they came here to become without judgment or prejudice. Love is an antidote to all common aliments and universal maladies. You experience love to become who you truly want to become. We all have the power to be and experience love. It is within you. Love is you and I, experiencing greatness and misfortunes.

Love is the key that sustains all life responsibility. Love is succinctly related to the elemental force and integrates knowledge with eternal wisdom eliminating all woes. Love is a powerful force that transcends between women and men, nation to nation, ally to ally, realizing that existence is a state of temporary being with holes and fallacies that exists between humans encouraging an epidemic of greatness and woes between each and every one of us.

It is man’s purpose to truly find the love inside of him that transcends through time and space, allowing a true evolutionary process to arise. It is a reinstatement of principles that lies deep inside us, that we must follow and abide by.


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