Are you a life coach, counselor, trainer or hr professional? Do you want to help your clients or program participants manage a transition? Improve mental or physical health? Set and attain wanted goals?

Let us help guide you in activating your clients or program participants Best Self!

We offer a training programs to help you learn how to implement a curriculum or incorporate personal growth teachings into your current program as an add-on. This curriculum is designed to help Coaches, Mentors, HR Professionals and Trainers continue to develop their clients/program participants!

The training is based on the model from the book Discover Yourself: A Personal Development Workbook. Our program has been proven to quickly increase program participants confidence, self-awareness and effectiveness.

Purchase our tools, to help you mentor and coach youth and adult learners

  • develop emotional intelligence
  • manage stress
  • improve communication and listening skills
  • practice empathy
  • become more self-aware
  • set goals and more

Essentially, our training program includes:

  • New methods and practices that are presented in an organized format that are easy to apply with clients
  • Evidence – based information

Introduction to Videos used by Facilitators

The materials in this toolkit include the following:

  • Short videos (2-10 minutes each–focused on the 5 step approach to personal growth and self-awareness)
  • Overview on how to implement the coaching/mentoring sessions
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of the conducting the sessions
  • How to communicate during sessions
  • Best practices
  • How to provide feedback
  • How to deal with unruly feedback
  • A review of group and individuals activities to use during sessions

– Personality Assessment

– 1 Discover Yourself: A Personal Development Workbook  to use as journals for your clients called

– 10 Best Self Journals

– 1 Gratitude Journal

– Confidence using training materials and facilitating training’s

– Satisfaction surveys

– High quality education at a competitive price

-25% discount on products

– Certificate of Completion

– Free Books with referrals


Participants create a detailed plan of action to guide them in their personal growth and engage in self awareness activities. The benefits for participants are:

  • transition way of thinking
  • creative visualizations and stress management techniques
  • passion focused
  • create specific plan of action and action steps
  • improved communication skills and emotional intelligence
  • awareness and focus on caring for the physical body
  • improved quality of life

Distinguishable Features

  • A customizable toolkit to guide and empower others through life’s everyday challenges
  • Participants can watch videos or the facilitator can review the information for participants
  • A journal to help clients keep up with their progress


Our eLearning videos can also be used to help groups or individuals get inspired, refocused, and more productive at work or at home. They include personal growth and self-improvement techniques for adults. They can be used:

  • as a tool to guide clients experiencing a transition
  • as a 6-10 week personal growth coaching program (5 steps to self discovery)
  • as a guide to help your clients increase emotional intelligence in individual sessions and group session
  • to help build professional development plans
  • in life coaching or therapy based sessions
  • in lunch and learns meetings
  • to help experts learn about their own personal strengths and areas of growth (8 hour course)

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What are people saying?

Thank you so much Dr. Jessica for an amazing experience. By the end of our session, I not only was able to “name” one of my ill-desired behaviors, but I moved through it, accomplishing an amazing fate of moving into my new, vibrant home–a vision I’ve held for over 5 years! I’m sure, this would not have happened as quickly as it did had not I received support, encouragement and guidance from you and the group. And for that, I AM most grateful. Best wishes and I look forward to attending your facilitator’s training soon!  D.Olivia, Certified Trainer

I am a certified trainer. I love the Toolkit. It was very adaptable for all populations that I work with. It was what I was looking for! I keep it as a resource and refer it to others. The information was very valuable. Dr. Ruby Tatum-Wallace, Psychologist

I recommend Jessica’s certification program for mental health experts. She can assist you in providing insight into improving your clients. B. Matthews, Creator for STEPS4HEALTH

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