Are you an organizational leader who is looking for personal and leadership development for your high potentials/emerging leader or managers?

Dr. Jessica Blalock can help improve managers and high potentials/emerging leaders leadership skills and overall effectiveness through group coaching!

Dr. Jessica will conduct customized group coaching sessions with your high potentials/emerging leader or managers to help build their leadership skills from the inside to the outside! Session are online or face-to-face in Atlanta, GA.

During our sessions…

  • Participants will meet with Dr. Jessica individually for the first session to complete a strengths/personality assessment and learn the requirements for the coaching sessions. As a result of the assessment, participants will be given suggested action steps that will guide them in their development before they enter the group sessions.
  • During the group coaching sessions, participants will focus on attaining personal and leadership goals and (re)discovering principles, practices and behaviors to increase knowledge in personal leadership and organizational competencies.

As a result, participants are likely to increase personal leadership skills, increase knowledge about organizational core competencies, learn more about team members and just feel better!


  • Personal Leadership skills (e.g., emotional intelligence, communication skills, mindfulness)
  • Activate Knowledge for Organizational Competencies
  • Stress Management
  • Negative thinking

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