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Leading From the Inside Out!

“Step into your power as resilient, trustworthy and influential leaders”

Are you where you want to be in your career? Are you ready to eliminate personal or professional blocks? Are you ready to activate your strengths and passions daily?

Our ongoing group coaching/mentoring series is for professionals looking to make a change in their career. This group session will help professionals quickly reach success by guiding them from the inside out and helping them learn strategies to effectively lead themselves and others.


Leading others begins with leading yourself first. Dr. Jessica has studied theories from positive psychology, neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Based on this research, Dr. Jessica has created a program to help emerging leaders, managers and c-suite leaders increase self-awareness, resilience and influence.

Dr. Jessica will help you step into your power as confident and influential leaders by:

1) providing several self-assessments to help you identify your strengths, areas of growth and barriers

2) helping you to pinpoint your purpose and activate it in your life

3) helping you implement mindfulness practices throughout your day

4) providing tools and resources to help you improve communication skills and executive presence


What’s Included

The group sessions help leaders in their careers, business and health, and relationships. Our group coaching session are ongoing coaching calls. We discuss progress/lapses on goals and weekly modules with videos or downloadable tools and resources.

The sessions are 1.5 hours and are recorded if you miss a session. During the first hour, we will discuss your specific goals and strategies to achieve your goals. During the second half of the session, we will discuss a different topic each week.

Leaders who have attended our coaching sessions revealed: 

  • increased knowledge in communication
  • improved coaching and feedback skills
  • improved ability to influence others
  • increased alignment with organizational goals
  • increased ability to focus and have less stress
  • increased confidence and self-awareness
  • improved quality of life
  • job promotions

Here is a summary of what is included in the 8 week coaching series

8 group sessions for 1.5 hours

 Strength Finder Assessment, 360 Assessment, Emotional Intelligence Appraisal

13-week productivity journal

Videos (communication skills, mindfulness, emotional intelligence) Articles, resources and tools

Access to private LinkedIn group with questions and updates

How long are the sessions?

We meet once a week for 8 weeks.

Who qualifies?

  • Corporate Professional
    • You want to be promoted but are lacking certain skills
    • You need to improve your communication skills, leadership and influencing skills to advance your career
    • You are an emerging leader within an organization (corporate or non-profit) and you want to position yourself as a top talent within your company
    • You need help with effectively communicating with your employees
    • You want to make a career change
  • Small Business Owner/Leader
    • You need to improve your communication skills, leadership and influencing skills to advance your career
  • Executive and Life Coaches

What are the outcomes?

As a result of completing the “Leading from the Inside Out” coaching series, you will be able to…

  1. Discover what you naturally do best and learn how to use these talents to activate your natural potential
  2. Determine your strengths, areas of growth and barriers that may inhibit you from being your best
  3. Become more confident and influential in your abilities to be successful (at work or in your personal life)
  4. Learn how to connect better with people who are different from you
  5. Increase confidence and inner peace

Specific changes that may occur

  • Job Promotion/change or increased sales in business
  • Career Change
  • Improve relationships and communication skills
  • Increase executive presence


The sessions are 1.5 hours. During the first hour we will discuss your specific goals and strategies to achieve your goals. During the second half of the session, we will discuss a different topic each week.

Session 1: Pre-Work  

  • You will be given several assessments (Emotional Intelligence Appraisal, strengths finder, discovery assessment, purpose inventory, and 360 assessment) and tasks to complete before the first session. This information will be reviewed in session 1 (1.5 hour call) individually by you and Dr. Jessica before you can attend the group sessions.
    • As a result of this session, you will have a “Personal Profile” that includes your
      • personality/career assessments
      • strengths and areas of groups
      • life’s passions, values and motivations
      • action plan

Session 2: Introduction and Goal Setting 

  • Discuss the goals and process of the group coaching session
  • Get clear about the goals that will change your life
  • Review your stories, draft purpose statements and visions (created in review meeting)
  • Review goal setting techniques to help you achieve 1-3 short term goals within 60 days
  • Discuss next steps

Session 3: Tune in and Turn on – Relaxation of the Mind

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Learn 3 keys to implementing mindfulness and breathing strategies to help you live with more ease and deal with unexpected changes or obstacles through learning effective response strategies
  • Learn strategies to increase self-confidence by acting out your authentic best
  • Review leadership principles (courage, compassion, integrity, forgiveness)
  • Discuss next steps

Session 4: Managing Emotions at Work

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Review 3 techniques to help you identify and accept yourself as you are now and release limiting thoughts
  • Understand one’s emotions, and how to handle interpersonal relationships wisely and with empathy
  • Use emotional intelligence to build trust and grow influence
  • Learn how to activate your strengths and strengths of others you work with
  • Discuss next steps

Session 5: Communicating with Clarity and Purpose – Active Listening

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Understand keys to listening and building trust
  • Discover active listening techniques that will help you become a more impactful leader
  • Discuss next steps

Session 6: Communicating with Clarity and Purpose – Assertive Communication 

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Uncover strategies to help you communicate your message assertively
  • Learn your communication style and the communication style of others around you
  • Learn and activate strategies to improve your coaching and feedback skills
  • Learn strategies to influence others
  • Discuss next steps

Session 7: Learn 3 keys to executive presence 

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Build, maintain and leverage relationships
  • Keys to improve leadership abilities
  • Discuss next steps

Final Session: Review all goals and create strategy for the next 90 days

Additional information

A productivity journal will be given to each participant after payment has been received. It will take 7 to 10 business days for you to receive your journal.


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My only regret is, I wish I had found Jessica earlier in my career! Jessica came highly recommended and has become one of the best recommendations I have ever received. Jessica’s partnership creates a progressive balance between coaching, mentoring, informing and challenging that has helped develop my leadership capability, credibility and results. Jessica is supportive, insightful, practical and results oriented. Our work together has enabled me to be a more effective executive and leader and I could not be more pleased with the relationship and the demonstrable results. LaTonya Washington, Cox Communications

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica and admire her passion and rigorous pursuits as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Learning & Development professional. Jessica focuses her coaching, writing and workshops on improving the quality of thoughts and actions. She is effective at equipping leaders and human services professionals with the tools they need for coaching, goal setting, behavior change and communications. Jessica focuses her efforts on scaling impact through training community leaders to be teachers and coaches. She is sensitive to customer needs and is very approachable which makes her very effective as a coach, adviser and teacher. James Sila, The Coca Cola Company 

I have worked with Dr. Jessica for several years her innovative approach to personal transformation has greatly empowered me personally as well as the members of our organization and our community empowerment program. Discovery Yourself is a journey that will transform your lifeMakeda Johnson Director Sisters Action Team- Neighborhood Planning Unit L Chair

My group coaching experience was very beneficial, it gave me an opportunity for self discovery; to examine myself closer, and set realistic goals for myself. Also, I realize just how important my attitude and body language is (the two should coincide). Thank you, and much success!!!  Treavius

At first I was a little resistant. I’m a private person and don’t do well with someone prying into the who, what, when and why. But……I came to look forward to the sessions. I found them to be informative, and relaxing. (You did offer so well founded suggestions). You also brought out some things in me that I had long forgotten. I’m using them now and its working for my betterment. Diana

I enjoyed the group coaching sessions that you provided and found that they were very informative and enlightening. I was particularly impressed with the leadership profile which indicated that I am a visionary, as perceived by others, and that I project a style that is steady, decisive, organized and logical. For lessons learned and my next steps, I will foster a habit of developing more than one possible solution for a problem and focus more on the value of delegating so others will learn to develop pride and ownership in their work. As a result of your sessions, I feel that I have obtained more confidence in knowing that my leadership style is one that is perceived in a positive light by others and the developmental strategies for improvement that I obtained during our sessions are ones that I will utilize in the future.  Norma Jenkins, Ph.D.

I believe that my coaching session was a tremendous help to me with learning how to relax which allowed me to be more productive and the work flow was smoother. I also learned that in my own way I am a leader and that by being a leader doesn’t mean that you always have to be seen but by delegating to others is leading them as well, so basically in being a leader you can be behind the scene and not out front. Also, I was given tips on how to deal with situations when they arise so as not to panic and get frustrated which would cause my pressure to elevate. Thank you for your help and if I need your assistance in the future, I will call you. Valerie 

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