Building self-aware, resilient and trustworthy leaders – Our Model

COVID-19 has literally startled the world. It has changed what we do, how we do it and where we go. This is a global crisis that has caused us grief. As a result of this, many people around the world are experiencing chronic stress.

I am Dr. Jessica and I have created a model that helps leaders increase self-awareness, resilience and trustworthiness. I will be posting for the next few weeks principles, practices and behaviors that help leaders relax and feel better.

In this article, I want to provide a quick overview of the model I created that was originally published in my book Discover Yourself that helps leaders get through the current challenges that are occurring globally.

Lets review the components to our model.

Relaxation of the mind – engaging in activities that help us simply relax such as mindfulness, visualization and gratitude.

Aspirations is simply purpose. What is my purpose? What can I contribute to my family, community and the world?

Taking Control of your Emotions is becoming self aware and accepting oneself right now without judgement.

Communication: Taking Control of What you Say focuses on how we listen to others and communicate our thoughts to others in an open and honest way.

Physical body is how we care for our temple through diet, exercise and stress management which helps us to relax and gives us energy to be present and lead.

Self-aware, strong and trustworthy leaders are essential during this time of change. I will be posting more videos that outlines specifics principles and practices related to the each component of our model.

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