New! Becoming Your Best Self!


Are you an emerging leader, business owner, coach or just someone looking to start the new year off focused and making sustainable changes? Do you want the right tools to help you make changes that will lead you to your best self?

Join our Becoming Your Best Self online webinar to help you gain clarity on your life’s purpose/passions and create an action plan to help you achieve wanted goals. 

In addition, you will learn principles and strategies to help you stay focused for the new year.

I am Dr. Jessica, author of the popular Best Self Journal that helps you prioritize your goals, take specific actions toward your goals while acknowledging your progress and lapses made each day.

In this webinar, you will receive a free, Best Self Journal!

In addition, each day, you will write down what you are grateful for (usually, things that have occurred within the past 24 hours). This helps you focus on positive things going on around you, boost confidence and decrease stress.

This 3-month journal was created based on principles of neuroscience, positive psychology and cognitive psychology to help you overcome barriers of success to make it simple to achieve your goals. In the Best Self Journal, you will record your journey on the road to success each day by keeping track of your successes, opportunities and areas of development for 90 days.

As a result, you will form habits that will help you become more productive, effective and focused.

What’s Included in the Webinar

Becoming your Best Self Online Webinar will help prepare you for the new year. 

Overall, the session will provide a road-map to help you prepare to achieve specific goals, help you gain clarity of your life’s passions and learn the importance of gratitude. The session will help you create an idea vision and an action plan. Here is a summary of what is included in the online webinar.


  • 2 Hour Webinar. You will attend a 2 Hour online webinar with Dr. Jessica to help you through this unique goal setting process. The webinar will review 5 keys to becoming your best self. Dr. Jessica will help you identify your life’s purpose and determine your priority goals. During the webinar, you will…
    • Clarify your life’s passions/purpose (complete an assessment)- Create daily actions
    • Create long terms goals and short term goals you will take within 90 days
    • Create an action plan (steps to take to achieve your goal)
    • Learn strategies to stay focused and achieve your goals!
  • 3 Month Journal. You will receive a free Best Self Journal.  The Best Self Journal  will be used as a guide to help you stay on track of your progress and areas of growth
  • Videos. You will receive a link to videos. If at anytime you need additional help or guidelines on setting goals. you will be provided a set of videos to help you incorporate positive strategies in your life and set and attain goals

After you have created your goals, you will be provided a strategy action planning board, to help you create a board of pictures related to your goals.


2 hour webinar

13-week productivity journal

Videos (communication skills, mindfulness, emotional intelligence)

Guide to Create a Vision Board Based on your goals


Who qualifies

You qualify if you…

  • need help with creating attainable goals
  • need help with getting focused
  • are fearful about what to do next in your career and are desiring a change but not taking specific action
  • lack vision about what to do next with your career
  • have a lot of negative mind chatter and you want to change


As a result of attending this 2 hour webinar, you will…

  • have a clearly defined plan of action and steps to take to achieve your goals
  • increase confidence and inner peace

Specific changes that may occur after the 90 day journaling…

  • increased focused
  • more positive and more feelings of gratitude
  • job promotion/change or increased sales in business
  • career change
  • improved relationships with co-workers/family

How much does this cost?

The cost of the Becoming Your Best Self Webinar is $100.00 $50.00 before December 25. After December 25, the price will increase to regular price.

To sign up, click the link below!

Here are our training dates and times

Friday, December 28 2018 (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM)            

Thursday, January 3 2019 (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM)

Friday, January 4 2019 (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM)    


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What are people saying!

I’m grateful that Dr. Jessica Blalock is my coach. She has been there through my career and personal milestones. I rely on her insight and approach to tackle challenges that I thought stood in my way. Her coaching has helped me do more and waste time less. She has held me accountable to my goals and made them time bound, which I have found has actually lightened my load and made me more effective and productive in my day to day. I feel more confident as a result and able to achieve more. I’ve also received positive acknowledgement from work with my increased productivity and outputs. Laura

Dr. Blalock provided an elevation to my personal journey of Self Discovery that is unparalleled. During our sessions both together and in conjunction with the great online tools, I found myself further motivated to become more conscious of Self. I further enjoyed the dynamic experience of the assessments she provided to allow quantified analysis of the subject matter we focused on. I especially liked the tailored approach Dr. Jessica employed to allow us to focus on the areas of “Discovery” that were most important to my current and future life plan endeavors. I would highly recommend Dr. Jessica and the Center for Discovery program to individuals and corporations alike. Thank you so much for this priceless experience. Ed 

Thank you so much Dr. Jessica for an amazing experience. By the end of our session, I not only was able to “name” one of my ill-desired behaviors, but I moved through it, accomplishing an amazing fate of moving into my new, vibrant home–a vision I’ve held for over 5 years! I’m sure, this would not have happened as quickly as it did had not I received support, encouragement and guidance from you and the group. And for that, I AM most grateful. Best wishes and I look forward to attending your facilitator’s training soon!  Olivia

My coaching experience was very beneficial, it gave me an opportunity for self discovery; to examine myself closer, and set realistic goals for myself. Also, I realize just how important my attitude and body language is (the two should coincide). Thank you, and much success!!!  Treavius

Dr. Jessica has helped me with managing my stress and unblocking some areas that were inhibiting me from being my best self. As a result, I received two job offers and I am still getting more job offers.  Thank you so much Dr. Jessica. Raychelle

At first I was a little resistant. I’m a private person and don’t do well with someone prying into the who, what, when and why. But……I came to look forward to the sessions. I found them to be informative, and relaxing. (You did offer so well founded suggestions). You also brought out some things in me that I had long forgotten. I’m using them now and its working for my betterment. Diana

I believe that my coaching session was a tremendous help to me with learning how to relax which allowed me to be more productive and the work flow was smoother. I also learned that in my own way I am a leader and that by being a leader doesn’t mean that you always have to be seen but by delegating to others is leading them as well, so basically in being a leader you can be behind the scene and not out front. Also, I was given tips on how to deal with situations when they arise so as not to panic and get frustrated which would cause my pressure to elevate. Thank you for your help and if I need your assistance in the future, I will call you. Valerie