Are you ready to Discover Greatness and Overcome Your Internal Obstacles?

Do you have a Life Plan for Change, Growth and Self –Discovery? Most of the people I work with have a maintenance plan for their automobile, discover greatnesslawn and clothes but not a single strategy for their Life Plan. What happens when we are in transition and struggling to find directions to Happy Town, USA?

 You are personally invited to a FREE six week coaching series through my Blog. You will have access to daily tips and quotes that will help you eliminate fears and heal the bruises from the past.  The self-improvement process has been used by successful people around the globe.

Great people like Martin Luther King Jr., John Kennedy and Helen Keller used a process of understanding their emotions, skills and inner capacity.  Now you can move toward happiness with your own personal plan to attract the best people, environments and opportunities.

 Your six week coaching series will focus on a different topic each week to make sure you are practicing specific principles, practices and behaviors that will lead you to your best self. During the last week, I will provide resources and tips to help you create a plan. Here is a summary of the topics each week:

1.       Mindfulness                                                    

2.       Take Control of Your Emotions

3.       Take Control of What You Say                      

4.       Take Control of Your Physical Body

5.       Unleash Your Passions                                   

6.       Your Path to Success: Creating a Plan


Life Solutions to Life Transitions is the outcome of our six-week process.   All of our lives can sometimes be in transition between challenges and opportunities.


Click here to register now to receive your free daily coaching tips for 6 weeks beginning Feb 10, 2014! 


Click here to use my workbook Discover Yourself to follow along as a resource as you go through the six week series!  



I look forward to you activating your best Self!


Dr. Jessica



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