Acting With Integrity: How Well Do You Perform?

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In recent years, there has been a surge of integrity crisis that have come out in the media about practices of ministers, businessmen, politicians, etc. Things are coming out and they are coming out very fast.

As a result of the changing economy and cultural climates, people are beginning to more thoroughly examine how they view themselves and others around them; they are communicating more with peers and learning about other cultures and communities. As a result of recent political and business indiscretions, people are discovering ways of integrating in an ever so changing world with integrity and accountability.

Integrity is being honest and acting out your honesty. It is about living a life of truth about your present and past and being honest to yourself and others. In today’s society, integrity is a pre-requirement for any and all types of relationships, at work, home, school, internet, etc. More people at work will trust you and rely on you if you consistently practice integrity. A person who does not consistently practice integrity is at risk of being seen as less accountable and will less likely to be trusted.

Some questions you may reflect on are how well do you implement integrity in your life at work and at home? And, how consistent are you acting out and showing integrity?

Here are some suggestions on how to act with and maintain integrity at work on a regular basis.

  • To act with integrity, you have to know who you are and what you believe in. You should have a clear picture of your likes, dislikes, what you care about and what you stand for. Not knowing this will make it very difficult to handle tough decisions at work, and even in your personal life. Taking time to learn about your personal values, hidden beliefs, strengths and areas of development will help you though this. Just reflect on what things are important to you such as caring for others, family, or community. What are your strengths and areas of development? What are some beliefs that you have created about yourself that may limit you?
  • Integrity is not just about telling the truth, it is walking and acting out your truths. People want to follow and work around others who show and maintain integrity. After you have a clear view or picture of yourself, make sure you practice communicating with others your true thoughts and beliefs about something, through assertive communication. Demonstrate an ability to be honest and open with no hidden agendas; say what you believe and act accordingly.
  • Admit your mistakes and share lessons learned. Know that you are not perfect, and others around you at work are not perfect. If you make a mistake, be ready to quickly identify or acknowledge the mistake and determine where you went wrong. By doing this, you will not be likely to make the same mistake again and people around you will trust you and know that you are honest and willing to learn and grow.

Acting with integrity shows you can be counted on, you are responsibility and that you can be trusted. Integrity is also about being committed to the truthfulness that resides in your spirit and acting out that truthfulness in your present day living.

Honor and be committed to your present truth that lies within you.

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