Do you acknowledge your successes?

Do you acknowledge your successes or just ignore them like I have done in the past?


Recently, I reflected on my past accomplishments and realized that I have really made a lot of accomplishments. However, I have been horrible about celebrating them. This is something that I talk about with my clients and in my books but something that I have not been good at in the past.  I have rarely celebrated short-term and long term goals/successes because I have always been ready to move to the next phase. But I see, now, it is time for a big change!

Once I graduated and received my Ph.D. in psychology, years ago, I was excited only a little. My main focus was really to get a job. I didn’t adorn myself and focus on the great achievement I made. My focus was on the next step.

A success vibration acts like a magnet that attracts success and opportunities to you. When you “think and feel success,” you vibrate with success energy and act accordingly. – John Kehoe

It is extremely important to acknowledge your successes—short-term and long term.

Make sure you acknowledge your successes even though it seems trivial.  Don’t ever feel like your role is insignificant. Everyone within a team or group has a specific role contributing to a larger goal. So, acknowledge your successes every time you think about them; reward yourself and know that you do matter!

Acknowledging successes can be easily ignored when you are trying to get to a specific destination. One way to acknowledge your successes is by writing them down. Get a journal, specific to your accomplishments, and write down your accomplishments weekly. Write down accomplishments you have made that you are most proud of then reflect on your accomplishments and feel good about them.

Here are some examples of what you can write in your journal.

  • What are some major milestones you have successfully achieved?
  • What are some improvements you have made?
  • What good deeds have you done for others?
  • What behaviors have you changed that have helped you become more successful?
  • What goals have you accomplished regarding your weight loss/gain or physical body?
  • What goals have you made in relationships?
  • What are your positive traits?
  • How have you been gentle with yourself lately?


I want to share a few of my successes that I have made within the past 10 years.

  1. Obtaining my Ph.D. in psychology
  2. Exercising on a regular basis (However I have learned that it is ok to take a break; so I take a break from December to February because I like to jog/walk outside; but not in the cold weather)
  3. Writing a books that people use internationally
  4. Taking my power back!
  5. Working internationally

Remember you matter even if it seems insignificant!

What are your successes in your personal life and career? Are you celebrating your successes? Or just focusing on your mishaps?  Place your comments below! I would like to hear from you!


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