5 ways to create a better future in our new world

I know I write a lot about this, but it is clear to me that our Earth is shifting. It is clear as a result of the changes in the weather, the atmospheric conditions and the inner space of love that people are feeling all around them and within them.

As a result, I want to discuss 5 ways we can help build a better future for ourselves and our families; thereby expanding our existence on Earth.

1. Create an inner space of love.  Love yourself as your neighbor and beyond.  Know that you are in a space of pure love that transcend through space and time. Know that every person on Earth is a reflection of your greatness. Know that we can all work together and form greatness.

2. Take back your power. I will discuss this more in an article to come this week. Know your strengths and areas of development.  Know that you can accomplish any and everything you choose to do.  Stay focused on your passions and act out those passions in your daily routine at work, home or in your spare time. Know that you are gifted with a gift from God that precludes everything else; you are gifted to serve mankind or humanity in some way.

Know that you are capable of probably more than you can imagine.

3. Practice spiritual principles that are discussed in previous articles. The principles are patience, faith, forgiveness, courage, integrity, and compassion.  Acting out these principles direct us to a state of love allowing us to freely be and do what we are truly on Earth to be and do.

4. Honor yourself. Know that you have an important role on Earth and you should live it the best way you know how. Honor your relationship with God and be led by the truth of God and not man. Believe in a life that holds you as a beautiful creature surpassing all else that stands. Know that you are a moving to greatness in a vast world. Know that everything exists for a reason, and should not be faltered or failed. Hold others to that same view for you and know that we are all as one in God’s hand.

5. Take time to get in-tune to yourself on a regular basis. You can accumulate a lot of stress just by watching TV or seeing tragedies, misfortunes, dis-ease, etc.  that maybe around you. Don’t let these things get you off tracks. Focus only on the good and the present, while letting go of the past, and not living in the future. Just remain in the present, while relaxing your mind on a daily message, through meditation, prayer, visualizations etc. When you do this, it gets your mind off of current situations, and helps you to refocus on the goodness of why you are here and what you aim to be in your life.

Creating a better future is what to aim for. So stay focused, stay positive and move forward in your best direction.

Dr. Jessica is a Psychologist and Empowerment Coach with the Center for Discovery. She helps women experiencing a personal or career transition discover their highest potential, using proven principles and practices of mind, body, and spiritual development.
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